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Реал внимательно следит за работой известного тренера    
02:38am 12/01/2016
  Реал внимательно следит за работой известного тренера  
Массимилиано Аллегри: Нам нужно сыграть очень интенсивно   
11:38pm 11/01/2016
  Массимилиано Аллегри: Нам нужно сыграть очень интенсивно  
Сенсационная новость!   
09:51pm 11/01/2016
  Подробнее можно прочитать в полной новости!  
Мотоблоки и культиваторы   
07:19pm 11/01/2016
  Мотоблоки и культиваторы http://lider82.ru/motobloki-i-kultivatory.html  
Лучший выбор – деревянные люстры в интернет-магазине   
06:26pm 11/01/2016
  Лучший выбор – деревянные люстры в интернет-магазине http://длань.рф/luchshij-vybor-derevyannye-lyustry-v-internet-magazine/  
Ивелин Попов: У нас по качеству футболистов с 2013 года самый лучший состав   
02:04am 11/01/2016
  Ивелин Попов: У нас по качеству футболистов с 2013 года самый лучший состав http://длань.рф/kovanye-lyustry-dlya-stilnoj-kuhni/  
Янник Боли стал лучшим игроком месяца в ФНЛ   
01:55am 11/01/2016
  Янник Боли стал лучшим игроком месяца в ФНЛ http://длань.рф/kovanye-svetilniki-osnovnoj-aktsent-v-lyubom-interere/  
Пеллегрини назвал Челси маленьким клубом   
01:48am 11/01/2016
  Пеллегрини назвал Челси маленьким клубом http://длань.рф/nastennye-svetilniki-pod-starinu-chem-mozhet-udivit-klassika/  
Я за Реал. Like!   
01:35am 11/01/2016
  Я за Реал. Like! http://длань.рф/nastennye-svetilniki-pod-starinu-chem-mozhet-udivit-klassika/  
10 лучших голов второго тура Лиги Чемпионов.   
01:03am 11/01/2016
  10 лучших голов второго тура Лиги Чемпионов. http://длань.рф/category/kovanye-vorota/  
01:13am 22/06/2005
mood: indifferent
Today would have been a great day to have my digital camera, It was awesome, we just moved to Kennewick washington, and its been increadibly hot and dry in eastern washington, like 20% humidity and between 90 and 100 degrees, well today it was windy, and while heading south I hit a dust storm, looking at the lake on the side of the road, half of it was blue, the other half was brown, then the dust got so thick that it was dark outside, you couldnt see anything past about 500 feet at the most. it went on like that for about ten miles, but eventually let up a little so you could see about a thousand feet, but still stayed like that for another 30 miles. it was awesome, I just wish I could have taken pictures.

well we are pretty much moved in, and now it turns out that my flight for Korea is on the 1st of July in the afternoon, Im not even going to be in the country for the fourth of july and Im not coming back till the 17th. Kind of sucks but at the same time it should be fun. I actually get to do my job. what I was trained for as a Marine. well I hope everyone is doing alright. I should get to bed, tomorrow I have to head back to spokane to get the TV and the PS2 havea good night and talk to ya'll later
01:39am 17/06/2005
  hello everybody, who dont read my journal cause I never write in it, in case you havent figured out Im back from, boot camp... and MCT(Marine combat training) and from my school in North Carolina and Ive already checked into my Unit. well things have gone interesting and I wish I could show everyone what I did but instead I wont, I have pictures but I dont know how to put them up cause I am Computer Illiterate, but atleast i can type... now only if I could spell.

well everything in my life is going fine and dandy, in a little over a week I am going to be going to Korea, which should prove interesting, and just so everyone knows Im going to south korea, not north. The commies up there problebly wont appreciate me showing up in my cammies with my molly pack... and my M-16... and my K-bar. but this should be fun cause its the furthest away from home Ive been. Though in problebly about a year Ill go to Iraq.

Well right now Im living in Spokane, just a short three hundred and fifty mile run from Vancouver, and I will shortly be moving to Pasco, a little closer, and hopefully back out of the city. Were the animals are irritating, smelly and stupid, but not nearly as bad as the people.

For those of you who knew me, be cool to be able to keep in touch, and for those who dont... whatever. I hope everyone is doing well. Its getting late, and I have to start packing my things to move, and to go to Korea. Talk to everyone later.
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11:55am 30/09/2004

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11:39am 30/09/2004
mood: anxious
hello everybody, I hope your doing well, Im doing great, I have 13 days till I leave for MCRD and for marine corps basic training, Im going to be a combat Engineer, Im just a weekend warrior though, so I might still see some of you, my parents are moving to spokane in november, and it is almost certain that I will be going with them, so it is highly recomended that you peoples keep in touch if you ever want to see me again. well I dont know how many of you people know this, but me and Amanda ended up hangin in the towel, we are done for now, we may get back together but as of right now its a no. I cant believe that its getting so close for me to leave to basic, if anyone is bored today being 9/30/04 I work at the salmon creek safeway(the safeway in salmon creek) you can stop by and say hi, well I hope to talk to you people soon, see you soon hopefully christina. bye bye
personal up date   
11:47pm 17/08/2004
  hello everyone, its been a while since I have talked to most of you, except for Paula and Natalie, a whole lot has happened since the last time that I posted, me and Amanda broke up, I have 57 days till I go into the marine corps, so anyone who hasnt talked to me or done anything with me that wants to better make it quick cause Im going to be gone, and on top of that Im moving to spokane. Wow that was one very long sentence, I think that might be a record. well hopefully Ill get a chance to do stuff with people who know me, like maybe Christina, I dont know how well tha twould pan out though. It might be a little awkward. Well hope to talk to everyone soon. I have to get to bed I work soon. Also though since me and Amanda broke up I have nothing to do so it is incouraged to do stuff with me. have a good night. bye bye  
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11:12am 18/09/2003
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11:41am 13/03/2003

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11:30am 11/03/2003
  well hello everyone, I dont come on here much anymore, I kind of want too but at the same time I dont know. things have gone interesting, I think I was single too long before me and Amanda Broke up cause now I feel like I am just this big bottle of testosterone pills which is not good cause I keep letting my eyes wander, Amanda usually dosent notice but it botheres me that they wander, I am to the point where I almost want to take out my eyes, I think its sick and discusting, I have a girlfriend who I am talking about Marriage and I cant keep my eyes to myself, I feel discusting. life is really beguining to suck ontop of that.

My dad almost kicked me out of the house a couple months ago for not having a job, now he said if i abuse the truck again, being show up a minute late home, or forget to tell him where Im going I am getting kicked out of the house, I am getting the feeling he dosent really care, I have not been in the mood at all to talk to anyone for a couple days, and havent had a chance to talk to Amanda though I wish i could talk to her. that could be a slight problem though considering Im in customer service, and I really dont want to talk to people. I dont know if I am ever goign to get to College, Im using the 500 that I have saved up for a car now instead of school. but I need more money still so I have a lot of time before I get a car, on top of that since I will have to use the truck there is the chance that I will get kicked out, Id have two months to save up enough money for an apartment and college, the problem is that I am making 150 a week to 200 and 500 of that is going to an apartment unless I get a room mate, 150 is going to insurance, and another 100 is going to the gas tank, I will have no money for food or anything else... and thats before I get a car, so over all looking at this Im pretty fu**ed the only thing I can do is enlist pretty much cause if I moved out there is no way Im goign to college. I dont know what to do with my life. I guess Ill talk to everyone sometime or another, bye
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01:27pm 18/01/2003
  Look Everyone I just made a guitar out of two peices of Underwear, some duct tape and a penguin!!!  
01:23pm 18/01/2003
mood: creative
hey everyone, sorry bout my whiny sorry ass. Im doing better, I finally got a job, Im working at Safeway in the Deli, at salmon creek, I start sunday, well what has everyone else been doing. I get to meet Amandas Oldest brother I think sunday this ought to be interesting cause from what I hear he is a racist :-D. things have been going pretty well. though some of you I am never able to talk to. such as Christina, who is never online anymore. Paula who problebly changed her screen name. and some people who I just dont really talk too, and then I forgot theres Calvin, who is never really online. I hope to talk to you guys soon, and sorry everyone for being so depressed sounding, things werent quite as bad as I made them sound, for the most part. you can problebly guess which were, talk to you guys soon.
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