John-Eugene (derentemann) wrote,

personal up date

hello everyone, its been a while since I have talked to most of you, except for Paula and Natalie, a whole lot has happened since the last time that I posted, me and Amanda broke up, I have 57 days till I go into the marine corps, so anyone who hasnt talked to me or done anything with me that wants to better make it quick cause Im going to be gone, and on top of that Im moving to spokane. Wow that was one very long sentence, I think that might be a record. well hopefully Ill get a chance to do stuff with people who know me, like maybe Christina, I dont know how well tha twould pan out though. It might be a little awkward. Well hope to talk to everyone soon. I have to get to bed I work soon. Also though since me and Amanda broke up I have nothing to do so it is incouraged to do stuff with me. have a good night. bye bye
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